Cable sets

  • Single wires, wiring sets for luminaire, control and switchgear cabinet construction
  • Charging cables straight and spiral cable
  • Connection cable sets for the various electronic, electrotechnical, pneumatic and hydraulic functional units
  • Connection modules consisting of interface connectors with individual cable assembly
  • Cable dimentions from 0.1 mm² – 50 mm²

Cable harnesses

  • Wiring systems for the automotive industry
  • Control and main power cable harnesses for equipment and mechanical engineering, electrical systems and automotive industry


  • Ultrasonic or resistance-welded contact assemblies, consisting of power rail or switching contacts with connecting leads 0.34 mm² – 16 mm²
  • Switching module assemblies with integrated wiring and connecting cable

Wire/cable cutting

  • Cutting and assembly of metre goods, also coiled, packed and labelled

Control system construction

  • Complete electrotechnical control systems for mobile air-conditioning systems in suitable housing with a degree of protection or optionally on assembly plates for internal installation with installed wiring harnesses functionally tested

Plastic injection moulding

  • Moulding of cold and hot appliance cans and plugs on straight and spiraled cables
  • The cables used comply with DIN standards or UL-CSA standards.
  • The cable sets can be protected against external influences (water, dust, temperature, abrasion) with hoses, corrugated tube or wrapping tape.


  • Support of our customers in product development
  • Production of prototypes
  • Development services from prototyping to series production